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Tipi Lodge with wood fired hot tub pictures here!

  • 13/10/2017
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The Tipi Lodge at dusk showing the cedar slated lodge with light showing inside and the curtain drawn, looking cosy and warm inside. The image includes the wood fired hot tub with fairy lights surrounding the enclosed walling. The picnic bench at the front of the image has a guests beverages and candles, looking inviting!

The Tipi Lodge is built from cedar wood slates by hand on the site. It also offers exclusive access to a wood fired hot tub. this is the first of it’s kind here in the UK.

The Tipi Lodge offers metered electric, lighting – inside and outside, heating, kettle and a fridge (to cool your Champagne!).

The futon bedding sleeps up to 2 adults and 2 children. You have your own outdoor area with picnic bench, BBQ area and hot tub.

The picture shows a wood fired hot tub with burner at the front, surrounded by enclosed walls for privacy and light by solar powered fairy lights. With the Woods in the background and dusk sky.

Exclusive to the Tipi Lodge guests here’s wood fired hot tub, lit by fairy lights at dusk


The wood fired hot tub is in the centre of the image and fairy lights have come on at dusk and the sky is darkening for evening. The picnic bench is in the front of the image with flowers and candles making it inviting to any guest.

Tipi Lodge wood fired hot tub and fairy lights


The picture shows a reflection on the woof fired hot tub surface, the Tipi Lodge door is in the background, closed and fairy lights surround the area with fields in the distance. The scene is very tranquil.

Wood Fired hot tub, exclusive to the Tipi Lodge


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