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Dave & Kerry’s October Diary

A beautiful day on Scarborough Seafront, with the sea which glistens like a mirror, blue skies , and the lighthouse & seawall in the distance.

It’s obviously a lot quieter here now, so we’ve had chance to ‘escape’ from the site & have attended a few trade shows – to have a look for other products & ideas for the site.

We’ve ordered 4 more Hot Tubs, and these will be in place before the start of the main 2018 season.
These Hot Tubs are different again & we think you’ll love them!
We’ll be taking bookings very soon…….so keep a look out!

We’ve also managed to enjoy our lovely seafront, as the weather this October has so far been lovely. You can’t beat sitting watching the waves in the sunshine with an ice-cream. Here’s a picture we took after devouring our ice creams!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you all this weekend, at the start of Half Term.

Here’s a creepy castle picture and a Happy Halloween from us all at Pinewood Park! 🎃 👻 👹 💀

Spooky Scarborough Castle from behind some trees and the castle showing hiding through the branches, it looks eerily dark and the moon is peeking through the dusk sky.

Spooky Scarborough Castle


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