Woody’s Barn

Pinewood’s very own Cowboy Saloon – an emporium of Wild West artefacts and is a very fun and unique venue.

Bride and groom dancing in Woody's Barn in their wedding outfits, he is on a tuxedo and she wears a long white bridal gown and they are dancing to some lively music by the looks! Her skirt is up and swinging in the air as he twirls her, they are both having a great time.

Bride and groom dancing in Woody’s Barn

Woody’s Barn can be hired for your private use – a Birthday Party, Wedding or Anniversary, themed night, charity event, corporate meeting or school visit, and is the perfect indoor venue, as part of exclusive hire of Pinewood

This usually involves hiring the whole site and all the accommodation for exclusive use, if in the main season, but there may be an option to hire parts of the site and/or Woody’s Barn out of season.

BeBold Charity have been coming many years and this is them having fun dancing in the barn. The picture shows the camp members having fun and dancing around the barn floor.

Bebold Camp

There is a stage for a band or this can be used for extra seating. The maximum capacity in the Barn is 80 people – so this obviously cannot be used if you are using all the available spaces to the full capacity (i.e. filling the tenting field as well as the Tipis with guests – most group bookings use the tenting field for activities).

The barn has bunting of all colours hung around the walls, and railings, there are guests having food and drinks in the background and they look like the party is in full swing. A buffet is temptingly sat in the foreground.

Barn for Wedding

Woody’s Barn is not licensed and you and your guests are more than welcome to bring alcohol with you. You are not permitted to charge for alcohol and while Pinewood staff do want everyone to enjoy themselves; excessive drinking is not encouraged.


Internal view of the Barn, showing the top decking area with a wheel as decoration on the railings and colourful bunting around the ceiling and US memorabilia showing around the walls in form of pictures, flags and bottles

Barn view from inside with bunting and wheel

The barn from the bottom left hand corner, showing the bunting, mason jars with tea lights and 'just married' banners along the railings. The barn chairs and tables are dressed in red and white, ready for the party!

The barn ready for a wedding

Railroad Hobos band playing in the Barn wearing cowboy clothing and playing harmonica. A big wagon wheel stands at the front of the band on the stage and US memorabilia is on the walls in the background.

Railroad Hobos band playing in the Barn

Kids and big kids sitting in the barn enjoying the cowboy and indian themed party.

Birthday Party in the Barn


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